Discover the Future of Electric Mobility with NCPOWER

Designing a Better Future

Never before has humanity faced such a challenging prospect for energy and the planet.

Spanish manufacturer of lithium batteries

We design, develop and manufacture advanced lithium-ion energy storage solutions for the electromobility of a wide variety of vehicles.

NCPOWER's lithium-ion battery packs include the advanced NCPOWER System, battery management system (BMS) and telemetry to provide domestic and international customers with a choice of higher performance and productivity, and lower operating and maintenance costs.

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an advanced and unique system


The NCPOWER system is designed for maximum performance and our technology is at the forefront of the energy storage market, providing the highest efficiency with minimum effort.

Lithium batteries

NCPOWER designs customised LifePo4 Lithium Batteries according to the needs of each customer following an organised process from concept to final solution. Batteries with the NCPOWER System are more stable, safer and longer lasting than other types of batteries, being interesting for applications such as the Industrial Machinery, Electric Vehicles, Logistics Warehousing and Robotics among others.

New Possibilities

Markets in which we offer Solutions

Electric Vehicles

We design and manufacture Lithium Batteries for various electric mobility markets, such as for charging and unloading vehicles, commercial vehicles, utility vehicles (UTVs) and other on-road applications. We design tailor-made solutions according to the specific needs of each customer and manufacture the customised energy solution that meets their needs.

Industrial Machinery

NCPOWER can supply battery systems for various industrial machines such as ferbis, forklifts, excavators, agricultural tractors and cleaning machinery. Our solutions are used in both new machines and upgrade kits to electrify existing machinery.

Energy storage

Our high-performance lithium products power the next generation of mobility and renewables Lithium batteries are the primary method of energy storage today. The use of lithium batteries will enable a 30% reduction in carbon emissions with a maximum impact on renewables today.


NCPOWER Lithium Technology is also applicable to various niche applications such as logistics warehouses, robotics and aeronautics among others. We manufacture tailor-made solutions according to specific customer needs and design a customised energy solution for each customer.

An exclusive system

A Trusted Technology Partner

More than 10 years of experience in the Lithium sector makes NCPOWER a partner at the forefront of innovation and development. Our aim is to offer an innovative and different solution within the lithium battery industry.

NCPOWER offers tested, reliable, safe and guaranteed energy solutions. 

We develop trust and lasting relationships

Growing with Customers

At NCPOWER we are experts in lithium battery solutions and have a wide experience and network of contacts in the sector. Depending on the customer's needs, we can fulfil two different roles: developer or supplier.

Continuous Innovation

Our flexibility and innovation process allows us to adapt to changing technology and customer needs quickly and productively. We strive to constantly innovate through quick thinking, industry and product knowledge and a deep understanding of lithium batteries and their components. 

NCPOWER is characterised by constant innovation and continuous improvement to make lithium batteries more productive, safer and more efficient than ever before.

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