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NCPOWER, focusing on 2024

20 January 2024

In a landscape where electrification is emerging as the driving force of automotive transformation, NCPOWER stands out as a key player in lithium-ion battery production. Looking ahead to 2024, we celebrate an impressive track record of achievement, and project an even brighter future.

In a staggering journey of just four years, NCPOWER has emerged as a leading player in the competitive lithium battery market, marking a growth of 300% per annum. Founded in 2019, the company has transformed its vision into a tangible reality, manufacturing more than 1,200 batteries per year for leading electric commercial vehicle manufacturers and projecting a turnover of €7 million by 2024.

Exponential growth and future projection

The global lithium battery market is in an unprecedented phase of expansion, and NCPOWER is at the forefront of this transformation. By 2024, we plan not only to consolidate our market position, but also to reach a turnover of €7 million. With a presence in more than 20 countries and a leading role as a lithium battery manufacturer, the aim is to supply electric vehicle manufacturers with high production volumes and customised requirements.


In 2023, the company joined BEPA (Batterys European Partnership Association). The association brings together more than 170 companies, universities and research institutes. BEPA plans to invest more than €925 million in research and innovation projects in the battery sector, marking a significant step towards technological advancement and sustainability in the industry. This commitment reflects NCPOWER's alignment with the objectives set by the European Union at the end of 2020, within the Horizon Europe programme. 

In addition, NCPOWER has established strategic partnerships with highly experienced propulsion system integrators in key markets. These collaborations not only strengthen the company's global presence but also enable closer integration with market-leading propulsion systems.

"Electrification is undergoing an unprecedented transformation".says Mario Nicolás Carcelén, CEO of NCPOWER. "In recent years, we have witnessed a growing number of sectors willing to take a decisive step towards electrification, from vehicles to heavy machinery.

The visionary leadership of Mario Nicolás Carcelén, guiding NCPOWER on this electrification journey, underlines the importance of having proactive and visionary leaders to drive change in the lithium battery industry in Spain. With a committed CEO and a highly skilled team, NCPOWER is contributing significantly to the development and adoption of sustainable electric vehicle technologies in the country and globally.

"With a commitment to achieving our goals, we celebrate NCPOWER's success in its first four years of existence, says Mario Nicolás Carcelén, CEO of the company. "Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing to lead the way in the development of lithium batteries for vehicle electrification. Our vision encompasses the combination of exceptional performance with a significantly reduced environmental footprint."

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