Our flexibility and innovation process allows us to adapt to technological changes and the needs of our employees quickly and productively. We strive to constantly innovate through fast thinking, thanks to our industry experience, deep subject matter expertise and a strong commitment to people and the environment.

We take advantage of lithium technology technology to boost the business productivity business productivity and a cleaner, healthier cleaner, healthier and sustainable world.

NCPower System®

After several years of innovation, NCPower developed its own Battery Management System. Since then, all our products incorporate the NCPower System, a controlled electronic balancing system that achieves better cell balancing, partial charges and discharges, allows real-time battery information and avoids unnecessary battery wear, maximising its useful life and adapting our batteries to any adversity of the environment, without losing quality, among other benefits, among many other benefits.
The NCPower System is the true added value of our brand. Its software converts standard batteries into customised and intelligent packages, capable of achieving the safety, comfort and versatility that our Partners need.

Main functions:


In our R&D department, effort, development and innovation are the main focus. Internally, we are driven by a constant desire to grow, to evolve towards new, optimised working methods. Continuous improvement is part of our essence.
We see ourselves as the final piece of the puzzle in discovering the solutions that our Partners need. All this, without changing our principles - quality, safety and sustainability are our starting point. Therefore, our Partners see us as a key pillar in their productivity and know that they can expect on-time delivery, fast support and a wide range of products/services tailored to their needs.


We collaborate with national and international technological research centres and entities focused on cutting-edge development in various fields such as Lithium Batteries, Decarbonisation, Sustainability in Industry, Electromobility and the Evolution of Renewable Energies, among others.

As agents of change, towards the search for coherent and environmentally friendly progress, we take an active part in many international fairs, as well as in the main Business and Governmental Associations related to the sector in order to leave our mark today, to be a reference in the future.