Today, NCPower is present in more than 20 countries and manufactures Lithium Batteries worldwide to supply different markets.

NCPower offers Innovative and Customised solutions for each Partner. We study the specific needs of each Partner to design and manufacture unique Lithium Battery Packs for Electromobility and Energy Storage applications.


The perfect adaptation of our batteries to the casuistry of our Partners is based on the development of solutions adapted to their technical, geographical and climatic needs.


Our batteries achieve excellent performance due to the selection of the best raw materials, a detail-oriented manufacturing process and the high degree of sophistication and intelligence achieved by the NCPower System.


We test our solutions to ensure maximum safety, integrating real-time monitoring systems and equipping our batteries with the ability to predict and prevent possible risks.

Step-by-step manufacturing process

We guarantee your challenge in 7 phases and 8 weeks.


Definition of product needs, benefits we provide, planning and budget.


Development of the technical proposal. 3D visioning. Selection of components.


Assembly, connection and fine-tuning of the prototype.

Functional testing

Verification of the required quality and safety levels and integration into the vehicle.


Obtaining the necessary specific approvals.

Mass production

Development of the large-scale production and supply plan.


Training, warranties, real-time monitoring and after-sales service.