It is the hand that accompanies you. The faithful companion. It is the common challenge and sharing the same goal. It is knowing what unites us, growing, innovating and evolving together as one. To close your eyes and feel safe.

It is much more, it is putting all your energy into each other. It is to embark on a future without limits, a bright future.

It is the confidence of knowing that you will not travel this road alone.

It is the confidence of knowing that this road you will not you will not walk it alone.


DFSK Ibérica is the exclusive importer of the range of vehicles DFSK in Spain and Portugal, is backed by its success in markets all over the world, and is present in more than 80 countries.

In order to achieve the maximum autonomy and efficiency in its K01He light vehicle, has incorporated our range of Customised Lithium Batteries, with prevention and rapid response capacity in adverse situations.

In our relationship with DFSK, we have focused on their needs and way of working, adapting ourselves, and thanks to our accumulated experience, we have succeeded in bringing technological and human valueThis will forge a strong and long-lasting relationship with our Partner.

Turiscar offers specific solutions and special adaptations to the hotel sector. Its products are designed and pre-assembled in Spain, thus providing a home maintenance service, replacement vehicles, etc.

NCPower provides the necessary components for the manufacture and assembly of the lithium batteries in one of its product lines: electric vehicles (mini-buses, golf carts...), and has managed to live up to the expectations placed on it thanks to a product of high performance, durable and customised in detailThe training and continuous improvement process enables Turiscar to meet its main standard of quality and safety. minimising downtime in the event of incidents.

Aton World has more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of electric vehicles for a wide range of solutions such as commercial vehicles, special delivery vehicles, logistics and municipal services, among others.

In our collaboration with ATON WORLD we realised that the differentiating element to continue growing with them in the long term was not just about customised lithium-ion battery packs, but that we had to be a partner willing to challenge the status quo in order to constantly create new products. new product rangesnew electric mobility vehicles that will ensure qualityeconomic competitivenesssecurity with users and the environment and respect and care for the environment