Never before has humanity faced such a challenging outlook for energy and the planet.

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After years of experience in solutions with lithium batteries, NCPOWER was born, we have developed and changed to the rhythm of the industry and not least with the needs of our customers. For us, it is It is necessary to be curious and keep up with development. The industry is changing and so we must be.
At NCPOWER we are experts in energy solutions. Depending on the client's needs, we can fulfill two different functions: developer or supplier. Most of our clients see NCPOWER as their external development department that drives the project. Generally, we become suppliers for those clients who have their own development or finished systems. We develop the system for you with good knowledge of the latest technology. In addition to our broad base range, we search for, and test, new specific components on specific wishes in our clients' projects. Therefore, our range grows continuously, a constant rate with the technological advances and the development of our clients.
Internally, we are driven by an effort to constantly evolve. We see ourselves as the last piece of the puzzle that brings innovation and life to our clients' solutions.
However, we do not change our basic principles. Therefore, our customers return again and again and know that they can expect reliable deliveries, fast support, and a wide range. Bottom line: if it's all about lithium battery solutions, we'll figure it out for you. Then you must choose for yourself whether you want to call us passionate nerds or disciplined inventors.

Adventages of NCPOWER System


Super Long Cycle Life

5 Times Longer lead Acid Battery. 2 Times Longer than NMC Battery.
battery ncpower

Exquisite Structure

Using sophisticated technology to improve the waterproof and dustproof performance.

Easy Integration

Easy Plug & Play System

Super Light

1/4 weight of lead acid battery with same capacity.


Fast Charging

Dynamic charge acceptance, fast charging capability.

Excellent Performance in Cold Temperature

Wide temperature range, charge & discharge.

Built-in BMS

A built-in BMS to make sure the battery works efficiently and safely.
3 year

3 Year Warranty

3 Year worry-less Warranty.
Lithium Energy Solutions

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