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NCPOWER distinguishes itself in lithium battery manufacturing by taking a comprehensive and customised approach to its work process. Unlike most manufacturers, NCPOWER is involved in all stages of the process, from analysis and specification to design, in-house manufacturing, customisation and optimisation.

When a company comes to us looking for a lithium battery solution, whether it is to switch from a lead-acid battery or to resolve problems with their current supplier, it is important that they understand how we work at NCPOWER compared to most battery manufacturers.

Our approach to work differs from the conventional approach of the lithium battery manufacturers. Rather than simply assembling components, we follow a development process consisting of several key phases to ensure a high-quality, customised solution.

In this way, we avoid problems such as:

  • Lack of flexibility in customisation
  • Long waiting times
  • High costs
  • Company's technical support deficit

At NCPOWER, we avoid these problems by taking a holistic approach to the work process. 

Analysis and specifications

Before starting any order, we invest time in a detailed analysis of the specifications together with the customer. 

  • We analyse the specific application in which the lithium battery will be used. 
  • We evaluate the power consumption of the application in detail to correctly size the capacity of the lithium battery.
  • We consider the size and weight of the battery as well as the production processes of each customer. 
  • We care about meeting our customers' needs in terms of battery status information. 
  • We determine the type of charger required according to the set charging times.
  • We use our Battery Balancing System to program the electronics of the lithium batteries. 

This allows us to know and understand each customer's specific needs and design a customised lithium battery that is perfectly suited to your application.

In-house design and manufacture

Unlike other manufacturers, at NCPOWER we take care of the entire design and manufacturing process of lithium batteries. We do not rely on third parties for lithium cells or control electronics. This gives us greater flexibility and control over the quality and performance of our products.

Customisation and optimisation

During the development process, we focus on key aspects such as power consumption, size, weight and the customer's production requirements. We tailor the battery capacity and electronic programming to ensure optimal performance and seamless integration with the application.

Monitoring and maintenance

Once we deliver the battery, our work doesn't stop. We implement remote control tools and automatic alert systems to monitor the status and performance of the lithium battery continuously. Our BMS connects to the NCPOWER Data Center providing accurate and constant information.

This allows us to detect and solve potential problems before they affect the vehicle's performance.

In short, our work process is based on personalised attention to customer needs, in-house manufacturing and continuous monitoring to ensure optimal performance and a trouble-free experience. 

At NCPOWER, we strive to provide superior lithium battery solutions that drive the transition to more efficient and sustainable electric vehicles.


Manufacturer of Lithium Batteries in Spain?.

If you are a light commercial vehicle or utility vehicle manufacturer and want to know more about our lithium solutions. Ask us for an assessment of your situation and we will be in touch shortly.


LifePo4 Lithium Batteries manufactured with our own battery management system, the NCPOWER System. The most profitable, efficient, safe and high performance batteries on the Spanish market.

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