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Which lithium battery manufacturer to choose

14 April 2023

The investment to electrify a vehicle fleet is not a decision to be taken lightly. In this sense, when considering the leap to lithium battery technology, the question of which is the best option may arise. Certainly, one type of chemistry or another, as well as other key aspects, can make a big difference. Let's look at which lithium battery manufacturer to choose and why, for maximum performance and safety.

Lithium battery manufacturers: Which one to choose?

Normally the client that contacts us is a company that wants to make the leap from the traditional batteries towards lithium batteries because it has seen the advantages. It is also possible that it is already operating with lithium batteries, but is having problems with your supplier. Whatever the situation, NCPOWER offers an optimal and customised solution that allows us to guarantee the highest quality standards compared to other battery manufacturers.

How traditional lithium battery manufacturers work

With such an emerging market, hundreds of manufacturers are appearing, who are really suppliers, i.e. they buy batteries and sell them in Spain and Europe without any support or guarantee. And most importantly: without the integration of their components, so they cannot guarantee the viability and safety of the battery.

Often a traditional battery manufacturer can be a simple assembler or material supplier. Erroneously, the term 'manufacturer' is used in these cases because it usually imports the components and simply places them and sells them. 

This is a big difference compared to the Spanish manufacturer NCPOWER, as we actually carry out the whole process. and in this respect we can contribute our experience, knowledge and quality.

To understand this, it should be noted that the lithium battery manufacturing process is divided into three phases, each of which is dedicated to the three essential parts of the battery:

1. In the first phase, lithium cells are purchased from an external supplier. 

2. In a second phase, all the control electronics are configured. This electronics will mediate between the electronics of the application (electric vehicle, industrial machinery, etc.) and the final solution of the battery itself, measuring the ranges of temperatures, voltages, protection systems, etc. Each electronic is specific to each project and is configured according to the operational needs of each client.

3. In a third and final phase we start with the battery assembly process. Often this is the only stage that is actually carried out by the traditional manufacturer.

Why avoid traditional battery manufacturers?

Often there is a need for certain special characteristics. Each customer has different size, chemistry and energy requirements. Therefore, A standard solution is not always really useful and can lead to incidents and other problems.

In addition, when there is a malfunction, the customer may have serious problems because the supplier of the battery does not really have the know-how to provide adequate support. 

This translates into:

1. Long prototyping times

2. Lack of flexibility in product customisation

3. High costs, because the software is not proprietary and requires recourse to programmers who have the source code.

4. Insufficient technical support and slow solutions involving long machine downtimes

In short, choosing a traditional lithium battery manufacturer that is only an assembler in practice results in problems. Lead times are long, costs are high, technical support is insufficient and customisation needs are not met.

Why our lithium battery is unique: how we work at NCPOWER

When a customer places an order for batteries with us, we do not go straight into production. We first thoroughly assess the needs of the project.

These are some of the key points we analysed in this preliminary phase:

  • For which application will the lithium battery be used?
  • What consumption will be needed?
  • What size and weight of battery is required?
  • What are the business processes of the company concerned like (how many shifts, are there downtimes, etc...)?
  • What information will you need to see in real time about the battery status?
  • Which type of battery charger is suitable for the charging times studied?
  • What is the optimal electronic programming of lithium batteries (through our Battery Balancing System)?

As a lithium battery manufacturer, NCPOWER always follows these three steps:

1. We go through all specifications with the client.

2. We create the custom lithium battery

3. We offer battery support, monitoring and maintenance

But that's not the end of it - it's just the beginning. After the preliminary examination, an appointment is made, a prototype of the battery is created and sent to the customer.

Here begins another fundamental work that sets it apart from other battery producers. 

We ensure that our batteries are tested and verified before they are shipped to our customers, and we offer technical support and after-sales service to ensure that our batteries meet our customers' needs. 

We perform continuous battery care, monitoring and maintenance, all thanks to our two tools:

  • Remote battery monitoring from the NCPOWER Data Center
  • System for the automatic management of possible failures: NCPOWER Alert Data Center

Thanks to this cutting-edge technology in the sector, we can intervene on any problem and anticipate it. This is another great differential value that we offer our customers.

Join NCPOWER System's optimised lithium battery solution. We are committed to creating a unique lithium battery that offers superior performance and longer life than other batteries on the market. 

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