Our Trajectory

NCPOWER is a company that has been in the lithium battery market for years. One thing has always been clear to us: we wanted to be a different company, one that would offer something more than what was already on the market. Our aim is to offer an innovative and competitive solution within the lithium battery industry. This is how our company NCPOWER was born, whose main objective is to understand the needs of customers and develop energy solutions based on state-of-the-art lithium batteries adapted to each customer in a personalised way.


Exploring the Future

our beginnings

NCPOWER as a Spanish manufacturer of lithium batteries started in 2012 with the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles.

NCPOWER offers a totally innovative and customised solution to the needs of each specific customer. That is to say, we carry out a study of what the client needs and based on this we create, develop and manufacture the lithium-ion battery pack for that specific client.

innovation and development

Driving the New

Research and continuous improvement as the key to success

NCPOWER's work philosophy focuses on research and continuous improvement as the basis for optimising products, services and the industry in general.

Innovation is the main basis for differentiation and the acquisition of competitive advantages that allow us to be exclusive. 

Thanks to our NCPOWER System, we have been able to produce lithium batteries with high performance and productivity never before achieved.

Looking to the future

NCPOWER will remain at the forefront of technology to deliver high-performance lithium products as market needs change, especially as lithium-based battery electric vehicles transform the transportation system. Knowledge, partnerships, quality, consistent sourcing and a passion for creativity will help NCPOWER continue to power the things that drive our lives.

new possibilities

Customer Centric Approach

Customer Orientation

Our customers are the reason for everything we do. This fundamental idea is the foundation of our customer-centric business model. Many of our relationships with them were born decades ago including several pioneers of the lithium-ion battery industry and leaders in the electric vehicle value chain over the past 20 years. 

new options, new possibilities

NCPOWER's philosophy

Corporate Values

Target: NCPOWER is born to develop energy solutions based on state-of-the-art lithium batteries. maintaining its commitment to the environment.

Mission: Offer solutionlithium energy sources customised for each customer according to the needs of their application.

Commitment and Values: By working closely with each client we establish links based on trust and security.

Battery Certification

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

In addition to offering the highest quality lithium batteries on the market, our process integration enables superior products at every stage. Safe handling of all materials is part of everything we do.

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