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The importance of sustainability according to NCPOWER

4 August 2023

Sustainability has now become a crucial issue that cuts across all industrial and business sectors. Growing concerns about climate change and the need to preserve our natural resources have led many companies to re-evaluate their practices and adopt more environmentally responsible approaches. In this context, NCPOWER, a leading electrification and energy solutions development company, has made a strong commitment to sustainability and has placed this philosophy at the heart of its business strategy.

We recognise that adopting sustainable development practices not only improves environmental performance but also brings economic benefits, such as reduced costs and increased competitiveness.

Lithium batteries for electric utility vehicles: NCPOWER leads the way to sustainability as of 2019

Since our founding in 2019, NCPOWER has directed its efforts towards fully green innovation, providing the electric utility vehicle market with more sustainable lithium batteries. 

Electrification means zero emissions and represents an important pathway for the energy transition that many manufacturers are embracing by moving away from polluting fossil fuel sources. For NCPOWER, product design is central to this direction.

Collaboration as energy transition consultants

Supporting electric utility vehicle manufacturers in their transition to sustainability through technological innovation, we work from the design stage, which sets us apart in the way we operate. 

We develop technologies and manufacture highly customised, high value-added lithium batteries to promote greater sustainability. We share our knowledge and capabilities with customers, illustrating the benefits of a clean, emission-free energy source and guiding them to identify the most suitable electrification solution for their needs.

Lithium-ferrophosphate (LiFePO4) technology and extended life cycles

At NCPOWER, we use the LiFePO4 technology in our lithium batteries, the result of extensive research, combining high levels of safety and low environmental impact. 

An impressive example of NCPOWER's commitment to innovation is the implementation of third generation cells in our latest battery packs. This improvement has enabled a considerable increase in the energy density of the battery packs, resulting in greater energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. 

By combining these advanced cells with LiFePo4 chemistry, known for its high safety and stability, NCPOWER has created safer and more environmentally friendly batteries.

Reduction of cobalt use and focus on sustainability

Reducing or eliminating the use of cobalt is of great importance for several reasons. Firstly, cobalt is a rare metal that is rapidly depleting due to its high demand, which could lead to shortages in the near future. 

Furthermore, its extraction in certain regions, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, is associated with ethical problems, such as child labour and corruption. Also, its cost is increasing due to the difficulty of obtaining it.

At NCPOWER, our LFP lithium batteries, together with the patented "NCPOWER Balance System", have an extremely long service life, recording more than 4,000 charge and discharge cycles. In addition, we continue to research materials and techniques to optimise the efficiency and sustainability of the entire supply chain.

We are proud to lead the way towards sustainability in the electric utility vehicle sector in Spain, and our commitment to sustainable development is an integral part of our corporate identity and our contribution to the environment.

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