NCPOWER Technology

NCPOWER batteries offer superior performance compared to other battery types.  Balance speeds 22 times faster than other lithium batteries, 50% recharges in just 30 minutes, real-time battery status monitoring and much more.

The NCPOWER Battery is the best lithium-ion battery for light commercial and utility vehicles available today. See for yourself.

Lithium Technology

A Breakthrough in Lithium Ion Battery Performance and Innovation over Traditional Batteries

Long service life

5 times more powerful than lead-acid batteries. Up to 4,000 charge cycles

One NCPOWER lithium battery lasts 5 more times than a lead-acid battery, without altering its performance over time.

The LifePO4 chemistry used in NCPOWER batteries is very stable and the safest on the market.

Fast Charging

Dynamic load acceptance, with fast charging capability and no memory effect.

NCPOWER technology guarantees a  fast charging of lithium batteries,  This extends their autonomy and increases the daily useful power offered. Our lithium batteries  can load the 50%  in just 30 minutes.

All of our products incorporate our NCPOWER System, an innovative  electronic balancing system controlled system that allows partial loading and unloading. In this way, the  autonomy  and the  efficiency of lithium batteries remains unchanged .

Thanks to this technology, our lithium batteries offer maximum operational flexibility in both charging and discharging. While eliminating infrastructure costs for recharge areas.

Zero Maintenance

No maintenance costs, no downtime.

NCPOWER products are designed to be maintenance-free. In fact, our lithium battery technology provides an electronic balancing system that keeps battery performance balanced and eliminates the need for any maintenance.  routine maintenance .  

If special maintenance is required, the internal battery architecture and high power balance allow personnel to service the unit directly on site. Therefore, costs and machine downtime are reduced.


1/4 weight of lead acid battery with the same capacity.

4 times lighter than a lead-acid battery, the NCPOWER lithium batteries  significantly reduce the weight of any industrial machinery when used.

Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, NCPOWER technology has a  much broader scope .

Our lithium battery only weighs 6 kg per kWh (compared to 30 kg per kWh for lead-acid batteries). This improves the performance of the machine, which will provide increased capacity  y  scope .

Available Energy

NCPOWER batteries have a discharge capacity of 95% without affecting the life of the battery compared to lead acid batteries which should not discharge more than 75-80%.

Plug & Play

The integration/replacement of our batteries is immediate, without the need for vehicle modifications.

Rigid Structure

Sophisticated technology for improved waterproof and dustproof performance.

Zero Emission

They have no gas emissions. Therefore, there is no need for a conditioned place for loading, avoiding unused space in your business.

Lower Energy Cost

NCPOWER batteries increase the charge/discharge energy efficiency by 30% compared to lead-acid batteries.

Excellent Performance

Excellent cold temperature performance. Wide temperature range, charging and discharging.

Embedded BMS

It offers safety and confidence. The battery works efficiently and safely.

5 Year Warranty

5 years without worries

NCPOWER supplies battery systems for industrial machinery such as ferbis, forklifts, excavators, agricultural tractors and cleaning machinery. Our solutions are used in both new machines and upgrade kits to electrify existing machinery.

LifePo4 Technology

Technology used in NCPOWER Batteries

lithium used in batteries

Lithium is the lightest metal and the solid element with the lowest density and highest electrochemical potential. The result: excellent energy efficiency and low weight. A typical lithium-ion battery generates 2.4 to 3.7 volts per element, depending on the chemistry used. Today, there are more than 80 different chemistries in a lithium-ion battery, which have unique performance metrics (energy density, power density, battery life) and different costs.

Chemical Component LifePo4

We chose Li-Fe-PO4 chemistry, the safest and most stable on the market. A LifePo4 battery has a much longer life: more than 4,000 recharge cycles. It is available in the large capacity formats (100 - 200 - 300 Ah) required in industrial applications, so there is no need to connect a large number of small cells in parallel which would reduce stability and decrease the overall safety of the battery pack. Because our batteries are larger, maintenance is performed on site and the lithium cells can be replaced easily and quickly.

Zero Maintenance

The control electronics of an NCPOWER battery keep it balanced and efficient from every point of view. This eliminates the need for regular maintenance, with great savings compared to other batteries. The internal architecture of the battery and the combined balancing allows non-specialised personnel to carry out repairs. Repairs can be carried out directly at the user's site, avoiding excessive transport costs and prolonged machine downtime.

Increased Capacity and Lifetime

The NCPOWER System® increases battery performance and extends battery life with more recharge cycles. The performance improvements have been validated by several leading OEMs and battery manufacturing customers around the world.

extra security

Safety is one of the strengths of NCPOWER batteries. We use LifePo4 chemistry, the safest and most stable chemistry available on the market.

Wide Temperature Range

NCPOWER batteries are equipped with heating and cooling systems to ensure proper operation at temperatures from -30 °C to 45 °C. This allows the efficiency and lifetime of the battery to be maintained at their original levels and, consequently, a longer service life.



If you have a project in mind or are thinking of evaluating a change of supplier. Ask us for an assessment of your situation and we will be in touch shortly.

Extraordinary Reliability

The NCPOWER System technology has a remote monitoring system that reports malfunctions in real time and makes it possible to determine the status of each lithium battery at all times. Our software monitors and analyses the data received from the battery on a daily basis and sends signals in the event of a warning, anomaly or abuse. All this makes it possible to eliminate any malfunctions and to be able to intervene in time to prevent failures before they occur or are noticed by the user, extending battery lifetimes by 5x.

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