NCPOWER values for business success

NCPOWER values for business success

In the business world, values play a key role on the road to success. They are the foundation on which a solid and successful company is built.

Work process: NCPOWER phases

NCPOWER distinguishes itself in lithium battery manufacturing by taking a comprehensive and customised approach to its work process. Unlike most manufacturers, NCPOWER is involved in all stages of the process, from analysis and specification to design, in-house manufacturing, customisation and optimisation.

Remote control of NCPOWER batteries

Remote control of NCPOWER batteries

The NCPOWER remote control allows you to know all the data of your lithium battery. The tasks of time optimisation, early detection of risks, savings in operating costs and increased productivity of the company and users of the battery packs are solved by our NC DATA CENTER.
From NCPOWER we have continuous monitoring of the usage of each lithium battery. The key feature is the automatic monitoring of battery data in real time. As well as allowing us to optimise battery performance, the system sends us warning reports on the usage of each battery so that we can anticipate any eventuality before it occurs.

lithium battery price

Lithium battery price: a good investment?

With demand for electric vehicles on the rise, the market for lithium batteries for electric vehicles is also growing. This means that investment in lithium batteries for electric vehicles can offer a long-term growth opportunity. 

Lithium Batteries, Zero Maintenance.

Lithium technology is much more environmentally friendly than the more popular lead-acid batteries. We are constantly working to improve the development of our batteries in order to offer the best solution to the market and to contribute to the protection of the environment.

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