When nature decides to rest, storage systems kick in to help renewables do their job.

Energy storage systems are a crucial part of modern energy infrastructure, playing a key role in the management, stability and efficiency of electricity systems. These systems make it possible to capture, store and release electrical energy on demand, allowing the consumer to obtain a more efficient, independent and reliable electricity supply.

Lithium Batteries are one of the most popular technologies for energy storage due to their high energy density, fast response and long life. At NCPower, we develop renewable energy storage systems so that energy can be released when demand arises in the market. Surplus energy is stored and supplied when required, at times of low production, and is key to adding value to sustainable energy in industry.


The scalability of energy storage systems is fundamental to positioning batteries as adaptable solutions for modern energy infrastructure, with unlimited capacity to adapt and grow with energy needs. This versatility at scale allows NCPower to efficiently adjust its storage solutions to meet growing energy demand, which is essential for the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable electricity system.

The energy input
industry needs

We have customised configurations of Lithium Batteries in low and high voltage ranges to provide the industrial sector with the stability and security in electricity consumption they need.

Our product has a versatile and customised design, compatibility with the main inverter brands and its sizing allows for high power and discharge current.