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NCPOWER Solutions: Advantages

18 September 2022

Switching to lithium: An opportunity to save money, care for the environment and improve your company's productivity

You may associate NCPOWER as a manufacturer of lithium batteries for electric vehicles. Yes, but that is only part of our offering. In reality, NCPOWER also designs and produces solutions for ferbis, energy storage systems and even golf cars.

NCPOWER's service is comprehensive. It begins with understanding the client's needs and, based on this, developing the concept that will later be transformed into a solution. We start with the creation of a prototype and take charge of the entire design and manufacturing process.

What are the advantages of the solutions offered by NCPOWER?

Within the market, NCPOWER has become a benchmark as a Spanish manufacturer of lithium batteries. Yes, our facilities are located in Murcia and all the development of our solutions is carried out in Spain.

Therefore, the fact that our lithium battery manufacturing plant is entirely made in Spain is a great advantage for our customers, since the fact that we are manufacturers and not only distributors allows us to listen to what each company needs and customise the battery or battery pack looking for a solution that provides maximum performance and utility for each specific case.

The advantages of our solutions

Electric vehicles: By retrofitting your fleet of electric vehicles with NCPOWER batteries you will achieve higher performance and productivity with optimised energy costs. In addition, our technology is environmentally friendly, as it produces low CO2 emissions.

Ferbis: By adding our lithium batteries to your forklift fleet, you get maximum power throughout the working day regardless of the available battery charge. This is undoubtedly a big difference compared to traditional batteries with which, as the charge decreases, so does the speed and lifting capacity.

Golf cars: One of the main differences you will notice when adapting your golf cars to lithium is that NCPOWER batteries are up to 5 times lighter than traditional batteries. In addition, you will know that when a golf cart runs out of battery power, it automatically stops working, but this does not happen with our solution because in addition to having greater durability, they also have a system that regulates the level of discharge.

Energy storage: Industrial energy storage systems with lithium batteries are infinitely more competitive. Thanks to the NCPOWER SYSTEM we achieve more capacity, efficiency, significant economic savings and reduced environmental impact.

Time To Go Lithium Battery

Our motto is "Time To Go Lithium Battery". We are convinced that it is time to go lithium, as our solution is making a strong move into the market. Lithium offers many advantages and is a more environmentally friendly solution. It is no longer the solution of the future, it is the present.

Through the NCPOWER System we achieve lower operating costs, higher productivity and energy efficiency. Advantages that, without hesitation, make our offer irresistible. It is time to switch to lithium.

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