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Lithium battery price: a good investment?

22 March 2023

Opting for a lithium battery for electric vehicles requires a large outlay, but is it worth it? The price of a lithium battery ranges from between 3 and 20 thousand eurosTo what extent does it make sense to make the leap to this technology that costs almost twice as much? It all depends on the return on investmentSo let's look at the implications, and all the benefits, of this type of solution.

Is the price of the LifePO4 Lithium Battery worth it?

The automotive industry is advancing rapidly, and many are asking whether it is justified to pay more for lithium batteries. Compared to lead-acid, they are much more expensive. However, there are several good reasons to consider them a good investment. 

1. A longer service life

When calculating whether the price of the lithium battery is a good investment, it should be taken into account that it lasts up to ten years. This is a key point to see how much the purchase will pay for itself. In addition to the possibility of prolonged use, this also means that the vehicle could be sold with its functional battery half a decade later.

A battery of NCPOWER with the use recommended in our manual can reach 4,000 charge cycles, 4 times more than the maximum number of charges that traditional batteries reach.

Batteries with shorter lifetimes need to be replaced more frequently and at least two lead-acid batteries may be needed to last as long as a lithium-ion battery.

2. Longer execution times

With this energy solution, you can drive longer before you need to recharge. 

  • Lithium-ion batteries typically run for about 7.2 hours before needing a charge. And they can be safely discharged to 20 % of their capacity. 
  • Lead acid batteries, on the other hand, require charging after approximately 5.4 hours of use. And they can only be safely discharged to 30 % of their capacity.

This means that the electric vehicle will perform better throughout its lifetime.

3. Shorter charging time

Being able to get the battery you need in less time is certainly another great advantage of lithium batteries. In addition, some lithium EV batteries also have the ability to partially charge in less time, which is useful if you need to charge the battery quickly before a short trip.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries take 1 to 2 hours to charge. They also allow for partial charges, while lead-acid batteries require 8 hours to charge and another 8 hours to cool down. This means that the true amount of time needed for a lead acid battery to charge and return to operation is closer to 16 hours.

4. Lower labour costs

As a business investment, no doubt reduce costs Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and do not require oil changes, filters or spark plugs.

5. More safety for the driver

The lead-acid battery contains sulphuric acid and other chemicals that are potentially dangerous to people. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, are much safer in this respect. However, there may be other risks, such as fire, if the right battery is not chosen. manufacturer adequate. 


In conclusion, electrifying vehicles with lithium-ion batteries is certainly a smart investment. No solo dura más, mejora la productividad y ahorra costes, sino que también ofrece una gran seguridad and is better for the environment.

With the demand for electric vehicles on the rise, the market for lithium batteries for electric vehicles is also growing. This means that investment in lithium batteries for electric vehicles can offer a long-term growth opportunity. 

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