Light Commercial Vehicle Performance, Power and Personalisation

Summary of the entry::

Increasing pressure on sustainability means that many light commercial vehicles are being electrified.

The automotive world is undergoing a significant transformation thanks to electrification. In this article, we explore the performance, power and customisation of electric light commercial vehicles. We will also explain how this development can help drive the industry towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

Increasing pressure on sustainability, as well as the practical benefits of electrification, have led many companies to consider making the leap. Moreover, there are certain types of vehicles that are more likely to benefit from this, and light commercial vehicles are a clear example. These compact vehicles have the advantage of being able to use high power and high voltage batteries to deliver superior performance. Let's take a closer look at the details below.

The light vehicle sector and the role of NCPOWER

In this industry, there are leading brands competing in an increasingly competitive and globalised market. These brands offer a wide range of vehicles from compact vans to larger and heavier vehicles.

In terms of technical characteristics, most light commercial vehicles are powered by diesel or petrol engines, although electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common. The latter offer advantages in terms of energy efficiency, reduced pollutant emissions and lower maintenance costs.

NCPOWER is a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries for electric vehicles. One of the main advantages of our products is the use of LifePo4 chemistry, a battery technology that is safe, stable and free of cobalt, a material that has a high environmental impact.

LFP (Lithium Phosphate) chemistry is a highly safe lithium battery technology, which helps to significantly reduce the risk of fire. In addition, they are batteries with high durability, high charge capacity, long life and fast charging speed.

Lithium batteries manufactured in Spain and personalised

At our company, customisation and market orientation for electric vehicles have always been our priority. As a manufacturer of lithium batteries, we know that every light commercial vehicle has specific requirements in terms of dimensions, voltages and battery capacities. 

Customisation of lithium batteries for light commercial vehicles has many benefits:

  • Enables greater efficiency and energy optimisation, resulting in higher performance and longer battery life. 
  • Maintenance costs and maintenance times can be reduced, resulting in further savings for customers.

To achieve perfect customisation, we follow an internal and consolidated 5-step process from concept and design to manufacturing and certification of the batteries. 

At all times, we work together with all areas of the company to perfectly integrate the components and provide our customers with high-performance lithium batteries with a long service life and maximum safety.

Are you electrifying your vehicle and need to know which battery solution is right for you? Take our evaluation test or contact us and we will advise you personally.


Manufacturer of Lithium Batteries in Spain?.

If you are a light commercial vehicle or utility vehicle manufacturer and want to know more about our lithium solutions. Ask us for an assessment of your situation and we will be in touch shortly.


LifePo4 Lithium Batteries manufactured with our own battery management system, the NCPOWER System. The most profitable, efficient, safe and high performance batteries on the Spanish market.

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