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Performance, Power and Customisation: tailor-made lithium batteries for vehicles

7 March 2023

The conversion of vehicles to electric is a key trend that has become popular in several industrial sectors. This is due to increasingly stringent policies around sustainability and also driven by the tangible benefits of electrifying the sector: the elimination of pollutant emissions, reduced maintenance costs and the superior performance of new lithium batteries.

Although electric conversion has become more common in general, some types of vehicles are particularly suitable for this change. In particular, more compact vehicles are particularly affected, as they tend to use high power and high voltage batteries.

Lithium batteries for off-road vehicles

Proper management of energy consumption is key to the electrification of vehicles in the construction sector. Some of these vehicles consume a lot of energy due to the nature of their daily work. 

In order to achieve good management, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Energy storage: high energy density in the battery pack is required to store as much energy and power as possible in a contained volume.
  • Security: In the construction sector, safety is a priority. For this reason, the use of lithium batteries with LFP chemistry is recommended, as they have a high decomposition temperature and slow heat release. This guarantees maximum stability, safety and long working autonomy.
  • Remote monitoring: To optimise performance, it is essential to equip these applications with a remote monitoring system that allows continuous and automatic control of the battery pack. The BMS remote monitoring system is an excellent option, as it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to ensure battery interconnection.

These three points are fundamental to the electrification of vehicles in the construction sector and can make a difference in terms of efficiency and safety.

Monitoring of lithium batteries

Battery data collection is crucial for electrification in sectors such as off-highway. NCPOWER System collects battery performance data in real time 24/7, enabling:

  • Self-diagnosis: early detection of problems and rapid identification of battery faults.
  • Predictive maintenance: when maintenance will be needed, avoiding costly outages.
  • Remote verification of actual consumption: this is useful for cost management.

This system is particularly useful in the prototype phase or during testing or first uses in the field, where the aim is to implement efficient machines in a constantly evolving sector. The electrification of compact applications is a trend in the off-highway sector, which represents a challenge in terms of mechanical and electronic customisation.

High performance for the railway segment: electrification of the railway battery industry

The railway sector is very demanding in terms of regulations and safety, and is increasingly looking to reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution. That's why many rail machinery manufacturers are betting on electrification with lithium batteries as the future of their business. Why? Let's see!

Advantages of railway applications with lithium batteries:

  • High energy efficiency.
  • Zero operating costs for routine maintenance.
  • Zero pollutant emissions.
  • Safety and efficiency thanks to lithium iron phosphate chemistry and an intelligent battery management system.
  • Suitable for operations such as construction, service and maintenance of railway power lines or for combined road/rail use.
  • Suitable for operating in environments with severe restrictions also in terms of pollutant emissions and noise.

Furthermore, NCPOWER lithium batteries offer additional advantages, such as:

  • Service life of more than 4,000 cycles.
  • Possibility of partial loading and unloading.
  • Proprietary control electronics, our balancing system, allow the battery to remain balanced and efficient at all times.
  • Ultra-fast balancing system that operates at high power (20A), both active and passive, providing speed and performance in the charging phase.

Imagine that a construction company needs to carry out maintenance on a railway power line. Traditionally, this would involve the use of heavy machinery that emits pollutants and produces a lot of noise. However, with lithium battery electrification, the company can use rail applications with zero pollutant emissions and reduced noise. 

In addition, thanks to the BMS battery management system, the company can maintain the power line without worrying about operating costs and downtime due to routine maintenance.

Battery electrification for the agricultural sector

The electrification of agricultural machinery is a growing need in the sector, especially in some: 

  • Viticulture
  • Zootechnics 
  • Care for urban greenery

For this, mechanical and electronic customisation is crucial, and tailor-made high-energy density lithium batteries are the ideal choice.

Here are some of the advantages of electrifying agricultural machinery with lithium batteries:

  • Each agricultural vehicle has its own customised lithium battery, mechanically and electronically, to respect its structure, dimensions and needs.
  • Electric machines in viticulture and livestock farming match their endothermic counterparts in terms of performance, but eliminate C02, fine particles and toxic gases, as well as reducing noise.
  • Hybrid and all-electric systems are becoming increasingly common in the maintenance and care of green and urban spaces, such as chippers.
  • Remote manipulators for agricultural and industrial use target highly customisable high-voltage batteries, which require long working autonomies.

This could be the case for an electric chipper that works completely without polluting emissions or noise. Thanks to its customised lithium battery, it can work without interruption for several hours, making it perfect for the maintenance of green and urban spaces in a city or municipality. In addition, its high energy efficiency and low maintenance cost make it a cost-effective option in the long term.

Lithium batteries manufactured in Spain and personalised

Our focus on customisation and industrial market orientation have always been our company's strengths. Thanks to our proprietary technologies, we have positioned ourselves as a one of the leading lithium battery manufacturers in the industryThe company offers a wide range of different models to meet the specific needs of each vehicle.

We manufacture lithium batteries according to the required dimensions, voltages and capacities.

To achieve this, we follow an internal and consolidated 5-step customisation process:

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Development
  • Manufacturing

All areas of the company work together to seamlessly integrate the components and to provide safe, high-performance lithium batteries with a long service life.

We can cover different industrial sectors, such as:

  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Ground support teams
  • Electric vehicles
  • Aerial platforms 
  • Railways

Safety is an essential aspect for all industrial vehicles and machines, which is why we are focusing on the LifePo4 chemistry for our lithium batteries. 

LifePo4 chemistry ensures safety and stability even under the most demanding conditions.The intrinsic characteristics of the product are as follows:

  • High decomposition temperature
  • Slow heat release

In addition, our intelligent control electronics monitor the temperature of each cell within the package constantly to ensure high performance and vehicle reliability.

Our R&D department has also made great advances in the energy density of our lithium batteries. We can store more energy in a reduced volume and meet the electrification needs of increasingly compact and energy-intensive applications. All this is done without compromising the high levels of safety for which we are renowned, and while guaranteeing full autonomy and power.

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In short, electric conversion has opened up new opportunities in several industrial sectors and is being adopted by a wide variety of vehicles, from small cars to large trucks and vans.

The future belongs to those who adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of the ever-changing world. Innovation and sustainability are key to achieving this goal, and it is important to continue to seek solutions that enable a brighter and more sustainable future for all.
Are you intrigued and want to know more about our technology? Come and visit us and discover the best electrification answers to your needs.

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