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On the road to electromobility

31 October 2023

At the dawn of the automobile age, electricity emerged as a promising alternative for powering vehicles in the cities and railway stations of the 19th century. However, limitations in battery energy storage paved the way for the combustion engines that, for more than a century, dominated locomotion.

Today, against the backdrop of technological advances, electromobility is re-emerging as an unstoppable force.. New, more compact, higher capacity batteries have transformed the viability of electric vehicles. This renaissance is driven not only by progress in battery technology, but also by the urgent need to address climate change and environmental pollution.

In this context, electric vehicles have been gaining more and more ground. In regions such as the United States, Europe, China and Japan, they have become a symbol of innovation and ecological commitment. The movement towards energy independence from oil-producing countries has gained significant momentum.

Today, most automakers are re-entering the electric vehicle market, offering more reliable and affordable options. The electric revolution is just beginning. A decade ago, an electric car was a rarity. But now, with breathtaking speeds and acceleration, the transport industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation.

Not only cars, but also the aviation and maritime industries are exploring all-electric versions. From solar-powered aircraft capable of 24-hour uninterrupted flight to ferries and unmanned ships operating in ports around the world. The electricityemissions, obtained from renewable 100% sources, is shaping the future of society.

The development of cutting-edge batteries is a crucial component in this journey towards electromobility. Advances in energy storage are paving the way towards more efficient and affordable vehicles.

Furthermore, for electromobility to become an everyday reality, a robust and accessible charging infrastructure is essential. The expansion of charging points in public and private spaces is essential to ensure the convenience and availability of charging for EV owners.


In short, electromobility marks a new era in the way we get around. It has a number of challenges, but it is undoubtedly the path to sustainability, efficiency and energy independence. 

From NCPOWER We are part of this new transport landscape and are working towards a cleaner and more balanced future for generations to come.

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