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NCPOWER will attend the Mobility Fair Valencia

2 February 2024

We are pleased to announce that NCPOWER will be exhibiting its latest innovations at the next edition of the Mobility Expo World Congress in Valencia. This event, which will take place from 13-15 February 2024, will be an opportunity to explore the latest innovations in sustainable mobility and the solutions that are transforming processes and businesses.

What is eMobility Expo World Congress?

The Mobility Fair Valencia is a global event that will bring together experts from around the world in the field of sustainable mobility. With more than 375 speakers and a wide range of activities, including exhibitions, conferences and thematic forums, the fair will provide a unique platform to learn about developments in sustainable vehicles, urban mobility solutions, maritime and air transport, among others.

Electrification is currently transforming all market sectors. Automation, warehousing and logistics play a major role in this. This is where AGV solutions, robots and energy storage technologies, such as our lithium batteries, play a crucial role. NCPOWER solutions not only deliver exceptional performance, but also drive efficiency and sustainability in a variety of applications.

See you at the Mobility Valencia Fair 2024

At the Mobility Valencia Fair, we hope to expand our network of contacts and transmit our working philosophy '...Your Lithium Partner'. We are looking forward to establishing strategic partnerships and exploring new business opportunities that will drive the sustainable mobility and smart logistics. We strongly believe in the importance of networking and building lasting partnerships to drive progress in our industry.

During the event, we will present how NCPOWER technology can benefit the industry. We will highlight our system NCPOWER SystemWe will also discuss our solutions for Data Centres, where reliability and energy efficiency are critical. In addition, we will discuss our solutions for Data Centres, where reliability and energy efficiency are critical. We will also present our advanced LifePo4 Lithium cells, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of mobility and logistics applications.

We look forward to answering your questions, discussing opportunities for collaboration and sharing our knowledge in the field of lithium and hope to see you there!

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