NCPOWER, the Murcian company that manufactures sustainable and customised lithium batteries.

Summary of the entry::

Both the battery management system (BMS) and the monitoring of battery parameters are crucial for the proper functioning, safety and efficiency of lithium batteries.

NCPOWER emerges on the Murcian scene as a leading company with a clear mission: to promote green mobility in Spain through sustainable energy solutions. 

This avant-garde a company from Murcia has launched an innovative project focused on the production of lithium batteries specifically designed for light commercial and electric utility vehicles, thus promoting more efficient and environmentally friendly transport. 

This initiative was created by identifying a growing need in the Spanish market, where the transition to electric vehicles is booming, but there are still challenges in the adaptation of specific batteries for electric vehicles. beginningsNCPOWER was oriented towards more conventional methods in battery production and design. However, the team, composed mainly of mobility and energy experts and industrial engineers, always had the vision to provide solutions that would allow electric vehicles to operate more efficiently and sustainably, always ensuring the highest quality, durability and performance of their batteries.

NCPOWER: The Right Choice in Lithium Batteries

In this context, NCPOWER has consolidated its position as the benchmark in the manufacture of lithium batteries for electric vehicles and industrial machinery. Our experience, technological innovation and commitment to sustainability make us the right choice for those looking for the best lithium batteries on the market. We offer tailor-made solutions, professional advice and solid technical support to give our customers the confidence and quality they deserve.

Main innovations currently being developed

NCPOWER System:  NCPOWER has developed a proprietary technology, the NCPOWER System, a battery management system (BMS) that offers a number of advantages in battery performance, productivity and energy savings, thereby extending the life of the batteries while allowing for greater sustainability and energy/economic savings.

NCPOWER Data Center: The purpose of the NCPOWER data centre is to collect and store detailed information about the usage and performance of the lithium battery, while monitoring the health status of the lithium battery accurately at any time. Thanks to our monitoring technology, we can continuously track each battery to ensure that it is functioning properly. In addition, BMS technology allows us to anticipate potential risks, damage, increased power requirements and even future optimisation of battery performance.

Both the battery management system (BMS) and the monitoring of battery parameters are crucial to the correct operation, safety and efficiency of lithium batteries. This constant monitoring capability not only optimises the performance and lifespan of the batteries, but also ensures that they operate within safe parameters, avoiding overcharging or excessive discharging that could damage them or reduce their performance.

In the pursuit of efficiency and reliability, we focus on developing higher capacity and safer batteries. These two fundamental pillars guide our innovation and design of each unit, ensuring optimal performance and reliable operation in every application.

With the incorporation of this technology, NCPOWER not only reinforces its position as a leader in the production of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, but also demonstrates its ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability and delivering solutions that truly make a difference in the Spanish electric mobility market.


Manufacturer of Lithium Batteries in Spain?.

If you are a light commercial vehicle or utility vehicle manufacturer and want to know more about our lithium solutions. Ask us for an assessment of your situation and we will be in touch shortly.


LifePo4 Lithium Batteries manufactured with our own battery management system, the NCPOWER System. The most profitable, efficient, safe and high performance batteries on the Spanish market.

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