Discover the Future of Electric Mobility with NCPOWER

The Lithium market

Lithium is already in more than 60% of vehicles. If lithium is required to power, energise or strengthen your project, NCPOWER will offer you solutions tailored to your need.

Today, NCPOWER is present in more than 20 countries and manufactures lithium batteries worldwide to supply different markets: electric vehicles, industrial machinery, energy storage and robotics among others.



With a thorough knowledge of the market and lithium materials, we at NCPOWER work closely with our customers to provide them with the solution development and high quality finished lithium products they need. Superior product quality is the fundamental basis of NCPOWER's success.

We work with our customers and support them when and where they need it, guaranteeing a secure supply with the availability of high quality products and our constant technical advice.

New Possibilities

Markets in which we offer Solutions

Electric Vehicles

We manufacture tailor-made solutions for electric vehicles according to the specific needs of each client, designing a customised energy solution.

Industrial Machinery

NCPOWER supplies battery systems for industrial machinery such as ferbis, forklifts, excavators, agricultural tractors and cleaning machinery. Our solutions are used in both new machines and upgrade kits to electrify existing machinery.

Energy storage

We use lithium batteries as an energy storage system. Batteries are one of the most suitable solutions being worked on for the future of storage systems connected to renewable energies.


NCPOWER Lithium Technology is also applicable to various niche applications such as logistics warehouses, robotics and aeronautics among others. We manufacture tailor-made solutions according to specific customer needs and design a customised power solution.

Security and Confidence Guaranteed

Trusted Technology Partner with Experience and Expertise in Lithium Solutions

Batteries with NCPOWER System are more stable, safer and longer lasting than other battery types and are interesting for applications such as for electric vehicles, industrial machinery, energy storage and robotics among others.

The NCPOWER System is designed to ensure maximum performance and our technology is at the forefront of the energy storage market, providing the highest efficiency with minimum effort. Our technical team has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of energy storage, including design, system integration, testing, certification and quality control. The result is a family of products trusted by domestic and international customers.

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