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NCPOWER has focused on mechanical and electronic customisation, positioning us as one of the leading lithium battery manufacturers in the industry. We respond efficiently and responsively to OEM and manufacturer requests for electrification, offering customised battery systems based on the specific requirements of each vehicle.

In the ever-evolving world of electrification, lithium batteries have become a popular choice due to their power, performance and versatility. In particular, NCPOWER has stood out as a leader in the manufacture of customised lithium batteriesoffering high-performance solutions for a wide range of applications.

The electrification of vehicles in the construction sector, such as heavy-duty side loaders, concrete mixers, excavators, cranes and mini-cranes, requires efficient management of energy consumption. These vehicles, due to the nature of their work, consume large amounts of energy and need good uptime and power. Therefore, it is essential to focus on industrial battery packs with high energy density, as they allow the maximum amount of energy and power to be stored in a limited space.

In the construction industry, a high level of safety is also required. In this respect, industrial battery packs with LFP chemistry are ideal. This lithium technology is particularly suitable for industrial machines due to its high decomposition temperature and slow heat release, which ensures high stability and safe operating time.

To optimise performance, it is important to equip these applications with a remote monitoring system that allows continuous and automatic battery control. NCPOWER's Data Centre collects operating data in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling self-diagnosis, predictive maintenance and remote verification of the application's actual consumption. 

This feature is particularly valuable during the prototype phase, as it contributes to implementing ever more efficient vehicles in a sector such as off-highway, where the trend is towards electrification of compact applications and the challenge of high levels of mechanical and electronic customisation.

Customisation of lithium batteries for utility vehicles

Mechanical and electronic customisation is a key requirement for the electrification of machinery for different uses. Take for example machinery for agricultural use, especially in sectors such as viticulture, livestock farming and the maintenance of urban green spaces. 

In these sectors, the trend is towards compact and powerful electric vehicles with zero emissions. To achieve this, high energy density lithium battery packs are used, manufactured according to the mechanical and electronic requirements imposed by the structure, size and needs of the application.

In the wine and livestock sector, electric machinery used for grape harvesting and animal feeding in stables provides significant benefits by eliminating the CO2 emissionsThe electrification reduces noise levels and allows research into high-voltage battery packs. In addition, electrification reduces noise levels and allows research into high-voltage battery packs. 

In this respect, NCPOWER's expertise in mechanical and electronic customisation plays an important role in the creation of customised lithium battery packs in terms of size, format, high energy density and advanced safety systems.

In other agricultural applications, such as urban and green space maintenance, wood chippers/shredders and telehandlers for agricultural and industrial use, lithium electrification also offers numerous advantages. 

Urban and green space maintenance machines benefit from hybrid and all-electric systems in terms of zero emissions and noise. Lifting and handling equipment, on the other hand, requires high-voltage, high-capacity industrial battery packs with high levels of customisation and long runtimes.

NCPOWER: Spanish manufacturer of customised lithium batteries since 2012

Customisation of lithium battery packs and a focus on the industrial machinery market have been key strengths for NCPOWER. Thanks to our proprietary technologies and a focus on mechanical and electronic customisation, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading lithium battery manufacturers in our sector. 

We respond efficiently and responsively to OEM and manufacturer requests for electrification, offering customised battery systems based on the specific requirements of each vehicle. Since 2012 we have developed more than 300 different battery models, always catering to the customisation and needs of each customer.

Our focus on security is paramount. That is why we have chosen the LFP chemistry for all our lithium battery packs. This chemistry offers high safety and long cycle life, along with intelligent electronic control that constantly monitors the temperature of each cell in the pack. This ensures reliable performance and high levels of vehicle safety.

In addition, we have made significant advances in energy density with our third-generation NCPOWER cells. In just two years, we have increased the energy density of our battery packs from 134 Wh/L to 207 Wh/L, allowing us to store more energy in a compact space. 

In this way, we meet the electrification needs of increasingly compact and energy-demanding applications, providing full autonomy, power and the highest levels of safety that set us apart in the market.


Manufacturer of Lithium Batteries in Spain?.

If you are a light commercial vehicle or utility vehicle manufacturer and want to know more about our lithium solutions. Ask us for an assessment of your situation and we will be in touch shortly.


LifePo4 Lithium Batteries manufactured with our own battery management system, the NCPOWER System. The most profitable, efficient, safe and high performance batteries on the Spanish market.

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