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Lithium batteries at the foot of the orchards for unrestrained electric mobility in the Region of Murcia

25 September 2023

The Murcian company NC Power, founded in 2019, already produces 1,200 units per year for light vehicles, and by 2024 it expects to have a turnover of 6 million euros.

The figures speak for themselves in relation to the business success of the first lithium battery manufacturing project for small electric vehicles launched in the Region of Murcia. In just four years, and with a pandemic in its midst, the company NC Power, founded by the young entrepreneur Mario Nicolás in the district of El Raal, has managed to position itself as a highly reliable supplier in a market that is growing unstoppably in the midst of a firm commitment to sustainable mobility.

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The latest update of NCPOWER's Big Data Center

In the current era, the digital revolution has brought with it a powerful tool that is transforming the way companies operate and make decisions: Big Data. NCPOWER, a leading manufacturer of sustainable and customised lithium batteries for electromobility based in Murcia, relies on this technology to optimise battery performance. 


NCPOWER will be exhibiting at IVT Expo 2024, showcasing lithium technology for commercial vehicles at Booth 6060. Join us!

NCPOWER, New Member of BEPA, the European Battery Association

NCPOWER, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries for electromobility and energy storage based in Murcia, is pleased to announce its recent membership of the European Battery Association (BEPA), an initiative under the European Union's Horizon Europe programme.
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