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2 April 2024

The commercial vehicle industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation with electrification reaching all market sectors. In this context, IVT Expo 2024 is a key event to discover the latest developments in components, materials, systems and technologies used in the manufacture of the next generation of commercial vehicles.

What is IVT Expo 2024?

The IVT Expo Fair is an internationally renowned event that brings together more than 150 leading exhibitors in the commercial vehicle industry. Here, manufacturers, engineers and designers have the opportunity to explore and discuss the latest technologies and future concepts that are shaping the industry. From vehicles used in construction, mining, agriculture, materials handling, forklifts to forestry, the show covers a wide range of applications.

The next edition will be held on 26-27 June in Cologne, Germany. It will showcase the latest and most advanced solutions designed to meet the needs of the market, with a special focus on electrical solutions.

NCPOWER will be present at IVT Expo

For NCPOWER, IVT Expo 2024 represents an exciting opportunity to expand our network and convey our working philosophy as your lithium technology partner. We are looking forward to participating in networking activities and establishing strategic partnerships with other leaders industry.

At NCPOWER, we are committed to developing advanced energy storage solutions that drive the electrification of commercial vehicles. Our NCPOWER System, widely recognised for its efficiency and performance, provides optimal management of lithium batteries, extending their life and maximising their performance. In addition, our focus on LifePo4 lithium cell technology and our advances in technology and innovation ensure greater safety and reliability in demanding industrial environments. We are excited to present these innovations at IVT Expo 2024 and to demonstrate our new products and services. how our batteries and the process of collaboration with our partners can benefit the commercial vehicle sector.

Your Lithium Partner

At NCPOWER, we are ready to be your lithium technology partner. We are committed to offering customised solutions that meet your specific needs and providing solid technical support at every stage of the process. Visit us at IVT Expo 2024 to find out how we can take your business to the next level in the era of commercial vehicle electrification!

IVT Expo 2024 promises to be an exciting and transformative event for the electrified commercial vehicle industry. We look forward to meeting you there and exploring the future of sustainable mobility together.

For more information or to schedule a meeting during IVT Expo in Cologne (Germany), please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or the channels provided at our stand.

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