Spanish manufacture

Exploring the future

NCPOWER designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of lithium solutions for industrial machinery, electric vehicles and energy storage.


our production.

All NCPOWER battery systems are precision assembled at our production facility in Murcia, Spain. Our products and production facilities have been designed to ensure a scalable, reliable and highly adaptable manufacturing process to enable each module leaving our facilities to meet the highest quality and safety standards.
in-house production

Design and manufacture of custom-made drums

High Tech Facilities

NCPOWER's in-house production line in Murcia has a high manufacturing capacity. The production line is constantly monitored to ensure that the highest safety and quality standards are met at all times.

Robust Cellular Connections

Each cell is connected via an electrical connection that is created fully automatically and ensures that it fuses individually in the unlikely event of a short circuit. Using ultrasonic vibrations, the battery cells are connected precisely and error-free, while the unique single-sided production method allows for highly efficient thermal management.


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Package Assembly

Our manufacturing line is designed to ensure that our solutions are Plug & Play so that they can be installed directly and easily into the customer's application.

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