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NCPOWER History. Differentiation as the key to success

NCPOWER is a company that has been in the lithium battery market for years. But there is one thing we have always been very clear about: we did not want to be just another company, but our purpose is to offer an innovative and different solution within the lithium battery industry. This is how our company was born, whose main objective is to understand the needs of our customers and adapt the solution to each of them.

NCPOWER Solutions: Advantages

NCPOWER's service is comprehensive. It starts with knowing the client's needs and, based on this, developing the concept that will later be transformed into a solution. We start with the creation of a prototype and take charge of the entire design and manufacturing process.
What are the advantages of the solutions offered by NCPOWER?

NCPOWER lithium batteries improve efficiency and reduce your company's operating costs.

Productivity is key in a company, it is clear. Therefore, improving processes and seeking maximum efficiency is essential. This is where lithium batteries with NCPOWER System come into play, as they are the solution to both reduce operating costs and improve day-to-day working activity.
Why are more and more companies deciding to switch from traditional batteries to lithium batteries?


To say that NCPOWER is a lithium battery manufacturing company is really an understatement, a very understatement. We are much more than that. We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of advanced lithium-ion energy storage solutions for industrial machinery, electric vehicles and energy storage. And the solution we offer is so different to anything else on the market that it's the key to our company's success.

How NCPOWER lithium batteries improve efficiency and reduce your company's operating costs.

Lithium batteries play an important role in warehouse operations. They offer a host of benefits that can streamline operations and make sites more efficient. As online shopping in Europe has more than tripled over the last decade, producers want to deliver products to consumers as quickly as possible. To do this, they have begun to implement many regional hubs in their supply chain operations rather than a centralised warehouse.

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