Ecomondo, Europe's leading event dedicated to the green and circular economy, is preparing to celebrate its 26th edition in 2023. This fair held annually in Italy has become a reference point for those committed to the transition to a more sustainable future.

With a multidisciplinary approach, Ecomondo addresses critical topics such as circular economy, waste management, green energy and much more. Which major themes will dominate Ecomondo 2023? Let's take a look below.

Waste management: towards a future without waste

Effective waste management is essential to close the life cycle of products and reduce the environmental footprint. Ecomondo will address the latest innovations and strategies in waste management, highlighting the importance of the circular economy in waste minimisation.

The exhibition halls will host companies and associations dealing with waste in all its aspects: be it recovery and integrated management services, treatment technologies and machinery, collection and transport equipment and vehicles or handling and lifting machinery.

At the same time, this year's halls A7 and C7 will host the SAL.VE Vehicles for Ecology Exhibition.

Water cycle and blue economy

Effective monitoring and management of critical resources such as water is crucial to maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment. Ecomondo provides a space for showcasing innovative technologies and solutions that address these challenges, encouraging the adoption of responsible resource management practices.

The main axes of this edition are water saving, monitoring, sludge treatment, installations and civil, catchment, digitisation, maritime economy, decontamination and regeneration of the hydrosphere, desalination, port and coastal regeneration, which also find ample space in a rich congress schedule.

Circular Bioeconomy

This philosophy promotes the reuse, recycling and recovery of resources to reduce dependence on virgin raw materials and minimise waste. At Ecomondo 2023, the Circular and Regenerative Bioeconomy exhibition sector will be located in halls D2, D3 and D4.

The areas covered will include:

  • Chemicals from renewable sources: bio-products, bioplastics
  • Ecodesign of products and processes
  • Repair services
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • This section includes companies dealing with instrumentation, analysis and consultancy in the environmental, food and materials fields.
  • Complete solutions for setting up, renovating and managing chemical laboratories.
  • Supervision of landfills, composting and biogas plants.
  • Comprehensive analysis of atmospheric emissions.
  • Consultancy and analysis specialising in remediation, asbestos management, air quality, water, food, waste and sludge.
  • Workplace safety advice to ensure safe working environments and meet regulatory standards.
  • Comprehensive service including maintenance, calibration and replacement of instrumentation and measuring equipment.
  • Software and management solutions specifically designed for laboratories, data analysis and environmental forecasting.

Exhibition of Green Services vehicles

The Expo will be held in 2023 Vehicles The Ecological Services Exhibition, a biennial event organised in collaboration with ANFIA, showcases the full range of industrial and special vehicle production equipment for waste collection and road sweeping.

These are some of the topics to be discussed at Ecomondo, an event not to be missed.

See you in Rimini, Italy, 7-10 November 2023!