NCPOWER: Driving Sustainability

Sustainability is key today, to what extent do we protect and prioritise it at NCPOWER? Through innovation and commitment to responsible business practices, we have an essential role to play in building a more sustainable future for all.

The electric vehicle market in figures

The electric vehicle market in figures

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is booming globally due to factors such as growth in emerging economies, falling battery prices and investments by large manufacturers in the battery supply chain. The EV battery market is forecast to reach $175.11 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 26%.

electric battery on the market

10 keys to identifying the best electric battery on the market

Learn about the importance of durability, safety, energy efficiency, ease of use, environmental commitment, customisation, technological innovation, technical support, reputation and long-term cost evaluation. NCPOWER is positioned as the benchmark in lithium battery manufacturing, offering tailor-made solutions, professional advice and solid technical support.

NCPOWER values for business success

NCPOWER values for business success

In the business world, values play a key role on the road to success. They are the foundation on which a solid and successful company is built.

How does cell balancing improve battery life?

Balancing the cells of a battery pack focuses on matching the state of charge (SoC) of each individual cell, rather than matching their total capacity. If the battery pack is balanced correctly from the factory, the Battery Management System (BMS) only needs to monitor the balancing current.

Big data and data mining by NCPOWER

More than a decade ago, NCPOWER decided to go beyond traditional battery manufacturing and developed the revolutionary NCPOWER Data Center software, which leverages Big Data and data mining to collect and analyse real-time information on battery performance.

Work process: NCPOWER phases

NCPOWER distinguishes itself in lithium battery manufacturing by taking a comprehensive and customised approach to its work process. Unlike most manufacturers, NCPOWER is involved in all stages of the process, from analysis and specification to design, in-house manufacturing, customisation and optimisation.

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