Exploring the future

Applications and Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we are about and our goal is to develop the business to design transformative lithium products and processes.

Utility vehicle UTV

Power for Advanced Performance

NCPOWER's lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries always go the distance, providing longer run time per cycle, zero maintenance, faster charging and low self-discharge in a lightweight, durable design. Our lithium batteries are designed to meet the power and energy requirements of golf carts, utility vehicles, AGVs and LSVs.

light commercial vehicle

Power with the ability to eclipse

Built specifically to meet the power and energy requirements of commercial floor machines, our lithium iron phosphate batteries are extremely efficient and deliver their rated capacity at any discharge rate. This means many more hours of productivity compared to lead-acid batteries.

A Few Words

Technology and the Future of Lithium

We have harnessed the potential of lithium to change the energy landscape. Today, we partner with our customers to turn that potential into commercial progress in a safe and sustainable way. NCPOWER meets the most demanding technical requirements, driven by our industry-leading materials science expertise, fully integrated supply chain and passion for excellence. For customers leading the world's energy transformation, we are the lithium technology company at the forefront.


Engineering Service

We can rely on our comprehensive engineering capability to ensure your battery pack is fully customised to your requirements. In addition to providing you with the modules and controller, we can also assist with cabinet development, thermal management, life cycle assessment and optimisation, charging solutions and complete powertrain development, while also designing fully customised battery systems for very specific applications.

a unique and unprecedented system


NCPOWER's lithium-ion battery packs, including the advanced NCPOWER system, battery management system (BMS) and telemetry, provide domestic and international customers with a better performing alternative with lower operating, productivity and maintenance costs.

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