6 reasons to adopt lithium batteries today

reasons to adopt lithium batteries

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Today, the use of lithium batteries has become a trend in the world of technology and energy. More and more devices are being used, electric vehicles and energy storage systems that use this system as opposed to other conventional applications with lower performance, safety and features. However, there is still a great deal of ignorance about all the advantages offered by this emerging market. Here we share six compelling reasons why lithium batteries should be adopted today. 

Reasons to adopt lithium-ion batteries today

Undoubtedly, lithium-ion has established itself as a very advantageous solution over lead acid batteries. We will now take a look at the major advantages that make lithium-ion batteries a smart solution to adopt today.

1. Increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Lithium batteries have high energy efficiency, which means they can store and release energy with very little loss. This can increase the overall efficiency of the device or vehicle and reduce energy costs.

The actual usability margins of conventional batteries were no more than 50 or 60% of the total charge. However, this is no longer a problem with lithium-ion, a type of battery that achieves real-world use of the 100%.

2. Lightness 

Reducing weight can increase the efficiency and autonomy of the system that is powered by its energy. 

Lithium batteries are much lighter than conventional batteries, a quarter of the weight of conventional batteries. acid battery. This makes them ideal for use in electric vehicles and other devices. 

3. Security

Despite the widespread belief that lithium-ion batteries could pose fire hazards, they are in fact less prone to leakage, explosion or combustion. 

In addition, when it comes to Lifepo4 batteries in particular, NCPOWER's Lifepo4 batteries are characterised by their high level of safety for use in consumer applications. In addition, they contain fewer toxic substances than other batteries, another point in favour of their safety and sustainability.

4. Fast charging 

Lithium batteries have an excellent charging capacity and a longer service life than conventional batteries. 

With a 4-hour charge and a 1-hour fast charge option, they far exceed the 12-hour charge required by conventional batteries. 

5. Lifetime

In addition to requiring less time to charge, they manage to maintain their charging capacity for longer hours, reducing downtime and improving the efficiency of the vehicle or other device for which they are used.

Compared to the 500 maximum charges of a traditional battery, the lithium-ion solution allows more than 3,000 recharges. If a conventional lead-acid battery could last about 2 years maximum, lithium batteries can last up to a decade. 

6. Maintenance

Lithium batteries maintain a number of maintenance advantages over lead-acid batteries such as the following:

  • Partial recharging, full discharge of the batteries is NOT necessary to avoid loss of performance.
  • Maintenance-free, e.g. no maintenance with distilled water is required, which saves considerable maintenance time.

While lead-acid batteries need regular maintenance to ensure good performance and service life, lithium-ion batteries are also ahead of lithium-ion batteries in this respect. 

However, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to:

  • Prevent the battery from being completely discharged, as this may damage the battery.
  • Maintaining an appropriate temperature
  • Protect from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Use the right charger

Having said that, they are very easy to maintain batteries, which do not need regular filling or periodic checks.


Lithium batteries have clearly proven to be a superior technology in terms of efficiency, durability and safety. While many are still sticking with lead-acid batteries today, the future belongs to lithium, which continues to advance at full speed, with more and more joining the high-performance bandwagon.

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